ps:Consulting Group

For close to 16 years, we have been helping companies, and the people in them, to be more successful, more secure, and more effective in their use of technology.

We have worked together to relieve Technology Stress.

Our goal is the same after all this timeā€”to help you get the most out of your technology, with the least amount of aggravation to you.

Will you be ready? Contact us today.

Three areas where we can help:

Use Technology to Grow Your Business

Social networking, viral marketing, website improvements, mobile computing, remote workforce, improved customer service, and planning for growth.

Reduce the Cost of Technology

Analysis of technology spending, identify opportunities to reduce cost, leveraging low-cost alternatives to existing technologies, advocating for YOU in technology acquisition - vendor relations, system selection and standards, practices, policies and procedures.

Protect Your Business

Rapid-response technical support, remote support, disaster recovery planning, business continuity planning, and the Five Fundementals for Reducing Technology Stress